Greetings, everyone! The winter will soon be over, but before we let that happen,  it’s time to hold the fifth annual Grand Theft Autolympics. With all the great sports from last winter and the inclusion of a brand new sport in Speed Skating, February’s biggest event will surely be spectacular.

Who will join the likes of India, United Kingdom, Pakistan and Bosnia & Herzegovina on the top of the ranking list? There’s always been dominating displays, dark horses and deadly combinations of dexterous competitors. Will it be you who prevails in the end? Tomorrow, on the 7th of February, starting at 8am, it’s time to see who’s the greatest.

Anyone can join!

Hall of Fame

For the first time ever in Kar’s Cops and Robbers, a Hall of Fame ceremony will be held to pay respect to the members, former and current, of our community. The ceremony will be held very soon, on 7th of December.

Only the players and admins who have radically changed the KCnR’s landscape over the last few years will be inducted into Hall of Fame. Everyone has been invited to the ceremony, see you in two days from now.

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