Hi everyone, enjoy this new video to see how the new Cyanide Pill feature works. It gets rid of those sad /kill spammers!


1. This is pretty cool.

One amazing portait

One amazing portait


2. Edwardian VS Uncle Sam.

The war is coming soon.

3. Enmity’s Extremity has also declared war on KCNR. This is not good, not good at all.

4. I don’t know why chickens are trying to take over KCNR.. but this sound REALLY makes my ears hurt! http://www.cluckinbellhappychicken.com/

5. Corruption amongst cops is getting worse… will the entire Police Department get torn apart without a single bullet being fired!?

6. Thanks to Peter for updating the San Fierro Job and the Warehouse Robbery walkthroughs to a 2015 version.

7. Apparently, there’s aliens and space worlds in KCNR now. Be careful, the aliens might creep up on you.

Why hello there everyone, what’s going on! We haven’t seen each other for ages!

Let’s get straight to the point in what’s been going on in the KCNR Community 😀

Well, Version 18 is almost finished!

Here’s what we got going for Version 18 so far (First time ever releasing a major change log without the actual final release):

The server rules have been updated! ENJOY!
1st Person (Onfoot) gameplay (Optional)
Extended GPS
San Andreas Customs Armour upgrades
San Andreas Customs Spoiler Colour upgrades
Jail System Improvements
Visual Contacting Improvements
LEO System rank rework
Added Dirty Cops
Added FBI Skin
Army is now accessed at cop rank 5
Major Crime System revamp
Cop and Criminal Balance improved
DM Arena improved
Passenger weapon switching feature improved
Groups improved (added group permissions and more)
Diseases now save
Added an FPS counter
Added more quick strings ($fps, $plate)
Added Dillimore Gas Station and Caligula’s Roof
/inv command changes
Achievement queueing system and more achievements
Improved renting
Improving trailer attaching across various vehicles
Implemented more game elements (ATMs, Garbage Dumpsters, etc)
Improved MANY other gameplay elements
Fixed alot of gameplay bugs

There are MANY more aspects of this update that aren’t listed in this change log, they are in the server updates thread and /updates in-game! Please check them out if you’ve missed any updates with the server!

Version 18 began development on august 6th 2014.

2. That isn’t awesome enough? How about something new once more.. for the first time ever, I (Kar) will be releasing SOME of my ideas that I have for the future of the server and I would like your feedback on the forums 🙂

OMG, Here’s the list!


  • Players can drop money while in a robbery
  • Gas station outdoor robberies with a truck, stealing fuel
  • Add law enforcement pd spawn choice
  • Revamp pet system, add overgrown pets, pet shows, fights etc
  • 1st person passenger view
  • Robbery not resetting if arrested in passenger seat (#BUG)
  • HIV disease (Cannot be cured)
  • Make players with hits flash black
  • Add restaurants
  • Make bribe stars only work in the night
  • Expand dirty / good cop system
  • Update fishing and fire fighting


Admin pic Jan 22 2015

Holy crap, look at those sexy administrators!

4. Well as we have all seen the new ‘Kar’s Cops And Robbers’ logo in those pictures, that will be our new trademark! Let’s get social people. Join the KCNR Facebook page today!

5. In other news, we are almost close to conclusion with a new KCNR banner!


New Stripper Bots

Well, we all can see that everyone is so fond of our new stripper NPCs (Non Playing Characters).

More NPCs will be added over the next few months!

7. (Miscellaneous)

Well.. the bug reports forum is almost clean again 🙂

Tiiggy is making awesome videos!  Here, Here and Here!

[[ GRAND THEFT WINTER AUTOLYMPICS II ]] is coming on February 8th! Thanks Edward!
SA-MP 0.3.7 in development (The Release Candidates have began!)

Well, it seems like San Andreas Customs has once again upgraded their stock with reinforcements this time! Below is a picture that shows how these new reinforcements work.

Now at SAC, you may purchase 5 Armour upgrades, from levels 1-5. In the picture, the camper had no Armour upgrades and took 30 shots of an mp5 and you can see that it neared death from just 30 shots! Now look at the sultan, with a level 5 Armour upgrade taking 30 shots of mp5 ammo! DAMN that’s a massive improvement huh? Armour upgrades are worth it and San Andreas Customs welcomes you all to purchase this upgrade. It saves and loads just like any other SAC Modification. *note this armour upgrade only lowers BULLET damage and not collision damage*.


Oh, did I mention that you need score to unlock Armour upgrades? Yes! Each upgrade is unlocked with an achievement. 10000 score unlocks level 5 Armour upgrade, that’s all I’m saying!

Here I attempted to host a very cool low rider event, but sadly it died due to my internet slowing down dearly causing me to not see anything in-game but pure pause icons 🙁


The Halloween event is now officially over.

KCNR is on the look out for new admins! Over the past weeks of my inactivity, (I am now active again) I have noticed the decreased in admin activity in-game. This is not healthy. We will be experimenting over the next few weeks.

The KCNR map goes for a live beta test! Yipppie! Long awaited map feature is finally here! You may few the map by clicking here. Please report any bugs to Peter at his forum thread! There will be an official link on the website sooner or later when the beta test is over and it’s ready for the full release!

Version 18 is in full forced development! Great new things are coming to KCNR! You’ve already seen a few things implemented, SAC armour upgrades, improved Visual Contacts, Major crime system revamp, improved jail system and more! Right now I’m looking into how can I make cop vs criminal chases more interactive by using the new visual contact feature! Version 18 is heading down the right road with all those bugs squashed!


Just look at all those bug fixes and there are more to come!

Your refunds all will be processed, please stop spamming me about refunds ingame, on the forums and on IRC! The admin team are doing the best to get your stats back (Clothes may not be refunded, I’m sorry)! Especially with the lack of admins right now, it’s sorta hard!

In other news SA-MP 0.3z r2 has been released and this fixes issues with users with fairly new intel graphics card having troubles seeing health bars in SA-MP! If you have this issue, please update here!

I’ve noticed an increase in videos on Youtube over the past month, thanks guys! KCNR needs more advertising and we should all work on that as a community!

The hosted list is something KCNR lacked for a month or two, this decreased the player count for awhile, right now the hosted list is back and I can already see an increase in the player base. We are lacking donations here, not many people tend to see the need to donate. The price of the hosted list has risen. I paid for it with my own money, that’s ok. We’re not in a crises or anything. Just please remember to keep on donating to KCNR as we need your donations in order to continue running!