Hello everyone. It’s that time again where we finalize a massive update and head on to a new era. The list of Version 19 updates are here. This update has really focused on adding alot of miscellaneous updates to the server and revising core gameplay. Not many new core gameplay features we’re added in this update but it won’t be so in Version 20.

  • Weather System overhaul (Added weather zones and interpolation)
  • Improved vehicle ejections
  • Added new display settings
  • Custom Deaths now overrule GTA deaths
  • Reduced business prices
  • Response Tracking -> Call Tracking
  • Revamped robbery alarm system (added CCTVs to some robberies)
  • New PED actors from GTA:SA
  • Custom siren light system
  • New physical and audio sirens
  • New female medic and police skins
  • Added burrito to Autobahn
  • Added in-game leaderboards (/leaderboards)
  • Revamped On Screen game texts
  • Item dropping to game world
  • Improved weapons and ammunition
  • Improved weapon dealing
  • Added more settings
  • Added more bomb shops
  • Improved /info (/i)
  • Added alot of new actors (GTASA Peds)
  • Added more single player locations
  • KCNR Government now accepts donations
  • Account save queueing
  • Government based refills
  • E-Mail options
  • Automated Donations (Bonds)
  • Improved damage sync
  • Collecting all horseshoes gives you a horseshoe clothing item
  • Account Registration is now mandatory
  • Air trafficking mission
  • Randomized disease infections
  • Fart/piss/puke/wank change: https://forums.lvcnr.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&p=130199#p130199
  • Vehicle deletion queue feature
  • Improved fuel decreasing
  • SA Customs Upgrades (NOS and hydraulics)
  • Group Banks
  • Turf money
  • Vehicle Bullet Resistance (armour) improvements
  • Paws Pet Shop
  • Improved cop skill incentives
  • Improved /drag
  • Personal vehicle locks improvement
  • Nitesticks (Batons) can end stick ups
  • Innocents can not shoot other innocents on different teams (E.G Police vs Medic)
  • Enabled 3D Help system
  • Revamped area 51
  • And more.

Hey guys, season greetings to all! We hope you enjoyed your merry year here at KCNR and will enjoy many many more :). Thank you for playing Kar’s Cops And Robbers 2015. I am thanking all staff for their continual support.

Merry Christmas!


The annual End of Year awards are coming up and as normal, we want you to decide who shall win a prestigious (or not so prestigious) award this year! More information can be read here: https://forums.lvcnr.net/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=23761. You can vote at https://eoyawards.pselten.info.

Happy voting!


The halloween update is now out.

Halloween Update 2015:

If you are holding a pumpkin head, you have a chance to be more successful at robberies.
Trick or treat at houses with special holiday rewards (including clothes).
All vehicles are now black and pumpkin orange.
New vehicles bought at the Autobahn will be black.
Halloween Pumpkins spread across San Andreas, more will be created. Pick these up for a treat.
Added alot more items to the holiday pickups.

I would just like to address that many recent issues have been resolved. All the irc outrages, Jessica leaving after an hour, login issues where the server took 5 minutes to identify itself and weapon and SAC bugs.

Also, the sa-mp masterlist is currently done, meaning the internet and hosted list is not being displayed correctly. sa-mp.com is also down.

It’s finally there. We are working hard on the launch of Twisted Metal. Twisted Metal is based on the game Twisted Metal. It’s a vehicular DM server, built by Kar! We are working hard on fixing bugs. Will you help us identify bugs (and have a lot of fun while doing that)? Then pop up in Twisted Metal!

IRC Channel: #tm
Server IP: server.lvcnr.net:8000

Have fun on Twisted Metal!

Well, by far this is the fastest time between a new post ever on KCNR.

Let’s get straight to the point here. The website has been moved from The Netherlands to London. Yay Brits.

We don’t play when it comes to our security. Today, we have added SSL security to our forums. Meaning http no longer works for forums.lvcnr.net, it is now https://forums.lvcnr.net/. Meaning, we send all your our data through a Secure Socket Layer. Many of you may not know what this means, so you may google it if you like. In simple terms, your data is way more secure.

The forums have been updated to the latest phpBB version. New language packs have been added and they are:

Finnish, German, Hebrew, Estonian, Mandarin Chinese (Traditional script)‎, Danish, Romanian, Polish, American English, Russian, Dutch (Casual Honorifics)‎, Italian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Turkish, Croatian, Serbian (Latin script), Mexican Spanish (Casual Honorifics), Norwegian (bokmål).

Two (2) new styles have been added, prosilver Special Edition and we_universal.

SSL security costs money though, so please don’t forget to donate to Kar’s Cops And Robbers. We thank you for your support, without it we couldn’t have reached where we’ve reached today!

Hey everyone.

The server has been updated to SA-MP 0.3.7 R2. There is no client update currently, so no need to worry.

In other news, the donation system has been overhauled into a fully automated system. When you donate, you no longer need to contact Kar/Peter in order to redeem your donator status or whatever your donating for.

Click here to see all detailed information about bonds.

No longer will you have to wait weeks to claim your status! Just type /redeembonds in-game to gain your bonds and type /bonds to access the bonds store!