is officially offline, but we are still online.

Kyeman “Kalcor” Bitossi has officially ended the era of sa-mp (San Andreas Multiplayer) as we know it. SA-MP will continue to live on strong, the modification is officially now the savoir of SA-MP. is working on an official drop in replacement for the sa-mp server and client to help our servers continue on without the support of the previous owner. will serve as the official replacement.

Please see and for more information.

Happy New Year!

Hope you all have a prosprorous century. This will probably be the last post from this website.

We do not have the man power to manually manage all the various forms of social media we use, i.e this blog, facebook, twitter, the forums & discord.

The site will be converted to a static landing page after KCNR V is released. With most of KCNR website archived.

KCNR is still alive strong, support is not going anywhere. The focus is currently on KCNR V. Join our discord to stay updated at

Community Update #5

Hello everyone. I hope you all are having an amazing December.

We at KCNR wish you all a Merry Christmas! May the season bring you many goodies and love! We wish you a good luck in your exams and a season greetings.

In other news:

  • The server has been downgraded back to 0.3.7. Due to 0.3.DL not having enough players and people not wanting to download 0.3.DL or not understanding what was going on.
  • The server’s anti-cheat client has been changed from SAMP AC to SAMP CAC (
  • Stay active on our discord server ( in order to receive the latest updates.
  • Los Santos city is a Random Deathmatching area.
  • Players can play BlackJack at any casino.
  • An egg has been layed. KCNR V is in full development.
  • Subscribe to our Youtube Channel ?(
  • Threshold has introduced a number of hidden achievements in game. Happy hunting.
  • A SA-MP client update has been released (0.3.7 R3)

It’s a good day to be an Easter Bunny! In with the new, out with the old!

KCNR wishes you a holiday celebration filled with family, friends, love, laughter and some good ole robbing!

In other news…

We are upgrading to SA-MP 0.3.DL (this is an alternate version to the current SA-MP 0.3.7). This version gives us a wide range of new features to work with. You will not be able to play KCNR without it!

Direct Download Link

LVCNR Download Mirror


Here’s a quick overview of the update!

If you had more than 10m in your hand +/or bank, it has been placed in your hand capped at 10m.

0.3.DL Update:

Some displays have been visually updated
Added KCNR logos (seasonal) to cinema mode
Added a bunch of new skins that can be either earned or purchased
Added various skins for purchase in the bonds store (Once purchased, it’s stored on your account forever)
Added various clothing items for purchase in the bonds store
Use /skins to access your skins (most skins are team restricted)
You can now choose what city where you want to spawn per team
For each team you must go to their respective HQ locations (pd desk, city hall, hospitals, fire refill)
Your wanted level reduces faster if you wear a Balaclava and their is no police in immediate sight
St Patrick’s day yearly event will be held on March 17th every year from now on
Added /selfie (puts you in a selfie mode to take cool pictures)
Added a church in Los Santos, Jefferson
Disabled default GTA SA bomb shops

Group HQs:

You can purchase HQ upgrades (such as more spawns, furniture, refills, etc)
You can purchase furniture items for your group HQ and decorate it as you please
Group Headquarters can be sold to the Government, if desperate for a smaller price based on it’s original price
Group Leaders can set Group Headquarters for sale which can be bought by other Group Leaders
Group Leaders can place a safe in which members with permission can access the group’s bank
Group Leaders can create a maximum of 7 spawns in which members can opt to spawn in
Group Leaders can purchase Headquarters which automatically gives all group members access to it
HQs are automatically removed after the leader quits (with a prompt) or after the group is inactive
Added Group Headquarters in various locations around San Andreas

Stickups 2.0:

“Stick-ups” -> “Stickups”
Stickups are now turn based. Each player has 5 seconds per turn to commit an action
Stickups now move the player’s camera to an overhead side view
When a stick up is initiated, any one of the players gets the first turn
During a stickup, if 4 consecutive turns are missed then the stickup automatically ends
Screams are now sent in a random range for other players to hear

Turf Wars 2.0:

Increased maximum turf money pick-up ($1000 -> $5000)
A maximum of 5 gangs can now attack a turf at a time (meaning 6 gangs in a war)
On group removed, owned turfs that are being provoked, the highest attacker now automatically wins the war
If you are attacking someone that’s in a turf war already, you’re gang will join the war
Increased the amount of damage your gang has to do to defend or take over a turf

Season Greetings and Christmas Results

Season Greetings to all!

  [Rw]Joel captured the most reindeers this Christmas – 138 Reindeers.

Runners Up:

Dimitri_Deville – 71 reindeers.

Dj_Ozzy – 58 reindeers.

Intentionzz – 38 reindeers.

Nerox found the most gifts this Christmas – 508 gifts.

Runners Up:

Dimitri_Deville – 263 gifts.

Intentionzz – 218 gifts.

Crynium – 180 gifts.

john received the most gifts this Christmas – 497 gifts.

Runners Up:

Dimitri_Deville – 439 gifts.

Jaypee – 411 gifts.

[S]tolen. – 388 gifts.


  • Each winner received 1 week of V.I.P.

We wish everyone a happy new year! 2018 has a lot of great things to come!


Version 20 is complete! This is the biggest update ever to hit kcnr, it took over a year to complete. It has the most game feature additions ever, ranging from impounds, airport robbery, gambling, game clubs, fires, arrest evasions, localisation, robberies, street racing, government improvements, SA Customs, personal vehicles, advanced vehicles, random npc citizens walking the streets, dealing improvements, and many MANY more updates.

Here is a small list of SOME features that were added.. click here to see the full update list.

  • V.I.P Membership Program
  • All gas stations & 24/7s are now businesses
  • Increased minimum hit amount to $25000
  • You must now be wielding a gun to rob a business
  • Reduced business property taxes
  • Added the ability to toggle your personal vehicle passenger locks
  • KCNR night now lasts from 18:00 – 06:00 (12 hours)
  • Added Random Events (SECURI BUST)
  • Added anti scam alerts to dealing
  • Added Misty’s Bar in Garcia
  • Added the option of changing your password when recovering your account through an e-mail
  • Added anti scam options
  • Reduced taxes
  • Players now auto spawn when you have skin saving enabled
  • KCNR Radio is now played on successful connection until spawn
  • Doubled/Tripled the max stock of Body Armour, Condoms, Fake Wallets & Chef’s Knife in businesses
  • Donators can change the neon layout of their vehicle at San Andreas Customs
  • Increased the maximum profit and minimum loss of business items
  • Business stock is now purchased at a reduced 25 percentage for maximum profit
  • Added more leaderboard stats
  • Added bank history
  • Added more ATMs
  • Added the last online time of the house renter in house renting menus
  • Each player holding a crowbar while doing a robbery increases the success rate
  • Added personal vehicle mileage to /vehinv
  • Added personal vehicle bought / creation date to /vehinv
  • Improved Cinematic mode
  • Added neon layouts to SA Customs
  • Removed /sd
  • Police extra work from arresting as sheriff in countryside/desert decreased
  • Added spike strips for SWAT Lieutenants only (/spikestrip) (/removespikestrip)
  • Permits (taxi, weapon, drugs) now last 1 game month instead of 2 game weeks
  • You can now set your clothing item back to its default Position / Size in /clothes
  • You can now listen to KCNR radio (/music) without needing a music item
  • Newly registered players can not be robbed / rape for 5 minutes
  • Increased max group bank storage from 10m to 50m
  • Portable Radio -> Walkie-Talkie
  • Added /swatmembers
  • Added Enterprises to the GPS (/gps)
  • Use this to locate Autobahns and Dockteases
  • Purchase personal boats at any
  • Docktease throughout San Andreas Rustlers at Area 69 are now
  • LEO rustlers
  • Added /surrender (basically /handsup) /info (/i) will now show if your in an event (as the area)
  • Civilians can now use Y to detonate remote car bombs (on foot only and not aiming at anyone)
  • Added robbery pickup spam prevention
  • Groups now are removed after 1 month of inactivity instead of 2 weeks
  • Personal and Police spawned vehicles will now stay in-game temporarily if being driven
  • Added number formatting to some places ($1000 -> $1,000)
  • Added vehicle repairing to SA Customs (more expensive and has a larger cooldown)
  • Removed /dice
  • Added SA Customs for boats
  • You can not park your vehicle in a position where another personal vehicle is parked
  • You can no longer vehicle N jump while having no fuel
  • Added Impound lots!
  • If you get arrested while using your personal vehicle it gets impounded!
  • Added vehicle top speed info to /vi
  • You can now change your team robbery state between individual, everybody, group and radio
  • Added plant fertilisers, add fertiliser to your plant to increase it’s overgrown lifespan
  • You can now type /music 1-20 for quick music options ‘Masks’ renamed to ‘Half Face Bandanas’
  • You can now fish from a vortex
  • Added a prompt to selling personal vehicles and clothes discarding
  • Your wanted level now decreases faster when out of range of LEOs
  • A warning that Los Santos is a random deathmatch zone is now sent to non regulars
  • Street Racing: You can now set the maximum amount of players you want to be able to join the street race
  • Street Racing: Score is no longer involved in racing, it’s all about the money now
  • Added a list of upcoming achievements
  • This can be accessed using /achievements or /upcomingachievements
  • Added Airport Robbery (Brussels Heist)
  • Added /rcd as an alias for /robberycooldowns
  • Each fire that is randomly generated increases the max fire payout
  • Fires are now randomly generated outside of store buildings
  • Added strip club fires Added player race position (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc) to street races
  • Added ammunation and restaurant business types
  • Added impromtu street races (you click on the map to select the race destination)
  • Every street race win do is now stored
  • You can not lock your business while having a hit or being wanted
  • You can not remove a civilian from your house while having hit or a LEO while you are wanted
  • Added unoccupied vehicle respawning
  • Added custom deaths to kidnapping If the government is in debt, property tax is increased (/gov -> property assessment rate)
  • Fires will now spawn normally in each city /ignore now works for main chat, personal messages and commands
  • You can now reply to IRC PMs using /r(eply)
  • Slot machines can be played with your specified bet amount ranging from ($100 – $10000)
  • Added the first stage of gambling, slot machines
  • The arrest range in interiors is now slighty lower
  • Added ‘Advanced’ vehicles Added /grouprankmessage (/grm) [rank] [message] where group leaders can message group members of a specific rank
  • Added localisation Weapon accuracy while surfing a vehicle is now decreased
  • You can now evade arrests by surfing a moving vehicle
  • These game clubs (including regular players club has various pickups for you to enjoy)
  • The Donating Players Club in LS has opened! The VIP players club is in construction
  • Crime reports are now played for non-cops while they are in a law enforcement vehicle
  • Your house can now hold double the items quantities
  • Added event cashbox donations, you can now donate towards events in any city hall
  • If a civilian attempts to open the LV Airport gate, they will get wanted for burglary
  • Added a gate to the southern end of the LV Airport behind the SWAT base
  • The roaming citizens of KCNR now fight you if you provoke them!
  • House size is now accounted for in mill levy calculation (more bigger houses owned means less tax)
  • Wanted level no longer goes down while you are kidnapping
  • Re-structured /help
  • Reduced the game’s world bound to 8000×8000
  • Added a invisible circle area around the money bag, when you enter this area, you get a client message noting that you are near the moneybag
  • Added group history Only one party may rob a bank or casino at a time
  • Different way of robbing stores with npcs
  • Friendly Fire no longer works in Los Santos City
  • And many many more updates and many minor improves to smooth out the actual gameplay

Community Update #4

So, we have a lot to talk about. We haven’t had a community update for more than 2 years, damn!

Sup guys, so it’s Kar here.. obviously. So as you’ve all noticed we’ve been through a VERY rough couple of months and needless to say you all have noticed how inactive I and the admin team have been over the past couple of months and I now with great pleasure to say that no longer will you see such failure coming from me or KCNR. 2017 has probably been the worse year for us with all these attacks especially in February.. it all started going downhill from then. There wasn’t much we can do about it. Players from certain countries started causing constant rampage on the server, even players from my OWN country started and are still causing rampage on the server. We decided to temporarily ban these countries. It helped bring the server back to a calm state but losing a lot of players. It was worth it in my opinion. I don’t know what’s wrong with some of these players, some of them don’t even hate KCNR, they just want to cause rampage.

KCNR got it’s popularity because it was a server that people could come in and play without any disturbances, any cursing, any rdmers. It was once paradise. I don’t know where that paradise has gone.

From today, I stand to bring this paradise back. Bring KCNR back to quality. Bring back constant updates. Version 20 is ending early, it took too long to complete. Version 21 will begin shortly. As you’ve seen, the website’s theme has changed and little things have been smoothened out around the website and forums. I’m actively working to make everything seamless and bug-free.

In other news, SA-MP has received a very minor server update and a client update is upcoming, fixing issues with the launcher and hosted list from all these servers that are filled with bots. Also I’d like to say that SA-MP was also being attacked over the past couple of months and we got caught in that loop. A result of this is the hosted list has increased to $30 USD a month which is double what we used to pay which is now why we have a monthly donation goal (you can see it at the side ->). We really need this in order to keep the server running.

Tomorrow the server will be moved back to Europe (This is our first step in getting back in line with our players).

All countries are obviously now unbanned (Select IP ranges and players will stay banned).

I’d just like to thank Peter for even being so busy with work, is still supporting us in EVERY way that he can.

Thank you for your continual support for the server and let’s work together to rebuild what we have lost!