This is the category for all Kar’s Cops And Robbers server/script updates.


Version 20 is complete! This is the biggest update ever to hit kcnr, it took over a year to complete. It has the most game feature additions ever, ranging from impounds, airport robbery, gambling, game clubs, fires, arrest evasions, localisation, robberies, street racing, government improvements, SA Customs, personal vehicles, advanced vehicles, random npc citizens walking the streets, dealing improvements, and many MANY more updates.

Here is a small list of SOME features that were added.. click here to see the full update list.

  • V.I.P Membership Program
  • All gas stations & 24/7s are now businesses
  • Increased minimum hit amount to $25000
  • You must now be wielding a gun to rob a business
  • Reduced business property taxes
  • Added the ability to toggle your personal vehicle passenger locks
  • KCNR night now lasts from 18:00 – 06:00 (12 hours)
  • Added Random Events (SECURI BUST)
  • Added anti scam alerts to dealing
  • Added Misty’s Bar in Garcia
  • Added the option of changing your password when recovering your account through an e-mail
  • Added anti scam options
  • Reduced taxes
  • Players now auto spawn when you have skin saving enabled
  • KCNR Radio is now played on successful connection until spawn
  • Doubled/Tripled the max stock of Body Armour, Condoms, Fake Wallets & Chef’s Knife in businesses
  • Donators can change the neon layout of their vehicle at San Andreas Customs
  • Increased the maximum profit and minimum loss of business items
  • Business stock is now purchased at a reduced 25 percentage for maximum profit
  • Added more leaderboard stats
  • Added bank history
  • Added more ATMs
  • Added the last online time of the house renter in house renting menus
  • Each player holding a crowbar while doing a robbery increases the success rate
  • Added personal vehicle mileage to /vehinv
  • Added personal vehicle bought / creation date to /vehinv
  • Improved Cinematic mode
  • Added neon layouts to SA Customs
  • Removed /sd
  • Police extra work from arresting as sheriff in countryside/desert decreased
  • Added spike strips for SWAT Lieutenants only (/spikestrip) (/removespikestrip)
  • Permits (taxi, weapon, drugs) now last 1 game month instead of 2 game weeks
  • You can now set your clothing item back to its default Position / Size in /clothes
  • You can now listen to KCNR radio (/music) without needing a music item
  • Newly registered players can not be robbed / rape for 5 minutes
  • Increased max group bank storage from 10m to 50m
  • Portable Radio -> Walkie-Talkie
  • Added /swatmembers
  • Added Enterprises to the GPS (/gps)
  • Use this to locate Autobahns and Dockteases
  • Purchase personal boats at any
  • Docktease throughout San Andreas Rustlers at Area 69 are now
  • LEO rustlers
  • Added /surrender (basically /handsup) /info (/i) will now show if your in an event (as the area)
  • Civilians can now use Y to detonate remote car bombs (on foot only and not aiming at anyone)
  • Added robbery pickup spam prevention
  • Groups now are removed after 1 month of inactivity instead of 2 weeks
  • Personal and Police spawned vehicles will now stay in-game temporarily if being driven
  • Added number formatting to some places ($1000 -> $1,000)
  • Added vehicle repairing to SA Customs (more expensive and has a larger cooldown)
  • Removed /dice
  • Added SA Customs for boats
  • You can not park your vehicle in a position where another personal vehicle is parked
  • You can no longer vehicle N jump while having no fuel
  • Added Impound lots!
  • If you get arrested while using your personal vehicle it gets impounded!
  • Added vehicle top speed info to /vi
  • You can now change your team robbery state between individual, everybody, group and radio
  • Added plant fertilisers, add fertiliser to your plant to increase it’s overgrown lifespan
  • You can now type /music 1-20 for quick music options ‘Masks’ renamed to ‘Half Face Bandanas’
  • You can now fish from a vortex
  • Added a prompt to selling personal vehicles and clothes discarding
  • Your wanted level now decreases faster when out of range of LEOs
  • A warning that Los Santos is a random deathmatch zone is now sent to non regulars
  • Street Racing: You can now set the maximum amount of players you want to be able to join the street race
  • Street Racing: Score is no longer involved in racing, it’s all about the money now
  • Added a list of upcoming achievements
  • This can be accessed using /achievements or /upcomingachievements
  • Added Airport Robbery (Brussels Heist)
  • Added /rcd as an alias for /robberycooldowns
  • Each fire that is randomly generated increases the max fire payout
  • Fires are now randomly generated outside of store buildings
  • Added strip club fires Added player race position (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc) to street races
  • Added ammunation and restaurant business types
  • Added impromtu street races (you click on the map to select the race destination)
  • Every street race win do is now stored
  • You can not lock your business while having a hit or being wanted
  • You can not remove a civilian from your house while having hit or a LEO while you are wanted
  • Added unoccupied vehicle respawning
  • Added custom deaths to kidnapping If the government is in debt, property tax is increased (/gov -> property assessment rate)
  • Fires will now spawn normally in each city /ignore now works for main chat, personal messages and commands
  • You can now reply to IRC PMs using /r(eply)
  • Slot machines can be played with your specified bet amount ranging from ($100 – $10000)
  • Added the first stage of gambling, slot machines
  • The arrest range in interiors is now slighty lower
  • Added ‘Advanced’ vehicles Added /grouprankmessage (/grm) [rank] [message] where group leaders can message group members of a specific rank
  • Added localisation Weapon accuracy while surfing a vehicle is now decreased
  • You can now evade arrests by surfing a moving vehicle
  • These game clubs (including regular players club has various pickups for you to enjoy)
  • The Donating Players Club in LS has opened! The VIP players club is in construction
  • Crime reports are now played for non-cops while they are in a law enforcement vehicle
  • Your house can now hold double the items quantities
  • Added event cashbox donations, you can now donate towards events in any city hall
  • If a civilian attempts to open the LV Airport gate, they will get wanted for burglary
  • Added a gate to the southern end of the LV Airport behind the SWAT base
  • The roaming citizens of KCNR now fight you if you provoke them!
  • House size is now accounted for in mill levy calculation (more bigger houses owned means less tax)
  • Wanted level no longer goes down while you are kidnapping
  • Re-structured /help
  • Reduced the game’s world bound to 8000×8000
  • Added a invisible circle area around the money bag, when you enter this area, you get a client message noting that you are near the moneybag
  • Added group history Only one party may rob a bank or casino at a time
  • Different way of robbing stores with npcs
  • Friendly Fire no longer works in Los Santos City
  • And many many more updates and many minor improves to smooth out the actual gameplay

Version 19

Hello everyone. It’s that time again where we finalize a massive update and head on to a new era. The list of Version 19 updates are here. This update has really focused on adding alot of miscellaneous updates to the server and revising core gameplay. Not many new core gameplay features we’re added in this update but it won’t be so in Version 20.

  • Weather System overhaul (Added weather zones and interpolation)
  • Improved vehicle ejections
  • Added new display settings
  • Custom Deaths now overrule GTA deaths
  • Reduced business prices
  • Response Tracking -> Call Tracking
  • Revamped robbery alarm system (added CCTVs to some robberies)
  • New PED actors from GTA:SA
  • Custom siren light system
  • New physical and audio sirens
  • New female medic and police skins
  • Added burrito to Autobahn
  • Added in-game leaderboards (/leaderboards)
  • Revamped On Screen game texts
  • Item dropping to game world
  • Improved weapons and ammunition
  • Improved weapon dealing
  • Added more settings
  • Added more bomb shops
  • Improved /info (/i)
  • Added alot of new actors (GTASA Peds)
  • Added more single player locations
  • KCNR Government now accepts donations
  • Account save queueing
  • Government based refills
  • E-Mail options
  • Automated Donations (Bonds)
  • Improved damage sync
  • Collecting all horseshoes gives you a horseshoe clothing item
  • Account Registration is now mandatory
  • Air trafficking mission
  • Randomized disease infections
  • Fart/piss/puke/wank change:
  • Vehicle deletion queue feature
  • Improved fuel decreasing
  • SA Customs Upgrades (NOS and hydraulics)
  • Group Banks
  • Turf money
  • Vehicle Bullet Resistance (armour) improvements
  • Paws Pet Shop
  • Improved cop skill incentives
  • Improved /drag
  • Personal vehicle locks improvement
  • Nitesticks (Batons) can end stick ups
  • Innocents can not shoot other innocents on different teams (E.G Police vs Medic)
  • Enabled 3D Help system
  • Revamped area 51
  • And more.

2015 Halloween Update

The halloween update is now out.

Halloween Update 2015:

If you are holding a pumpkin head, you have a chance to be more successful at robberies.
Trick or treat at houses with special holiday rewards (including clothes).
All vehicles are now black and pumpkin orange.
New vehicles bought at the Autobahn will be black.
Halloween Pumpkins spread across San Andreas, more will be created. Pick these up for a treat.
Added alot more items to the holiday pickups.

I would just like to address that many recent issues have been resolved. All the irc outrages, Jessica leaving after an hour, login issues where the server took 5 minutes to identify itself and weapon and SAC bugs.

Also, the sa-mp masterlist is currently done, meaning the internet and hosted list is not being displayed correctly. is also down.

SA-MP 0.3.7 R2 and Bonds

Hey everyone.

The server has been updated to SA-MP 0.3.7 R2. There is no client update currently, so no need to worry.

In other news, the donation system has been overhauled into a fully automated system. When you donate, you no longer need to contact Kar/Peter in order to redeem your donator status or whatever your donating for.

Click here to see all detailed information about bonds.

No longer will you have to wait weeks to claim your status! Just type /redeembonds in-game to gain your bonds and type /bonds to access the bonds store!

Version 18 – The cleanup

Version 18 is now complete. In version 18 we aimed to cleanup the entire server and make it as stable as can be. Minimised bugs and increased server stability. I must say that we MET this goal and the server is now way better than ever! Thank you all for your continual support at KCNR.

Major changelog:

1st Person (Onfoot) gameplay (Optional)
San Andreas Customs Armour upgrades
San Andreas Customs Spoiler Colour upgrades
Added the Edwardian Court (future possibilities awaits)
Added an FPS counter
Added more quick strings ($fps, $plate)
Added Dillimore Gas Station and Caligulas Roof
Added clickable menus
Added more skins
Added house item storage (removed weed and seed storage)
Added /ignore and /unignore
Added the Cyanide Pill (removed /kill)
Added password recovery using e-mails (attach e-mails to your account)
Jail System Improvements
Visual Contacting Improvements
LEO System rank rework
Added All Points Bulletin
Added Dirty Cops
Added FBI Skin
Army is now accessed at cop rank 5
Major Crime System revamp
Cop and Criminal Balance improved
Removed Law Enforcement vehicle arrest
Special LEO vehicles now have armour
CIA visibility feature
DM Arena improved
Passenger weapon switching feature improved
Groups improved (added group permissions and more)
Diseases now save
Refactored and improved stickups
/inventory command changes (added /assets)
Achievement queueing system and more achievements
Revamped house robberies
Overhauled the weather system
Decreased weapon prices
Improved the robbery success system
Improved renting
Improved game ranks
Improved trailer attaching across various vehicles
Improved the GPS (Extended GPS)
Improved response tracking (realtime GPS tracking)
Improved refueling
Improved clothes system
Improved taser
Improved the overall menu page experience
Implemented more game elements (ATMs, Garbage Dumpsters, etc)
Improved MANY other gameplay elements
Fixed alot of gameplay bugs

And MANY MANY MORE changes! Click here to see the entire servers’ changelog!

As verison 18 comes to an end, we aim to begin version 19. As SA-MP 0.3.7 is on it’s way, we are basically beginning version 19 with that. SA-MP 0.3.7 updates have already been started for KCNR. We look forward to bring you the enhanced experience of 0.3.7 on release.

Please remember to continue supporting the server through donations as we wouldn’t be here without you donators! Click here to view the donation page.

Version 17 – The Perfect Reign

Version 17 has changed the way players look at Kar’s Cops And Robbers. Version 17 is indeed a milestone to never forget. The drastic improvements in this version have shown off KCNR to another level.

The following is an overview of what was added over the period of Version 17:

New vehicle locking system
SWAT Abseiling
Turf Wars
Massive Inventory Update (Item Using feature)
Item permit system
Business updates (Improved business security, etc)
San Andreas Customs number plate changing (plates save now)
San Andreas Customs vehicle painting
Menu Header design updated
New interactive taser
Stun gun addition to the taser
Additional gameplay options
Added Station Wagons to the Autobahn
Deluxe Donator released
Overhauled Bribing
Overhauled Pet Dyes
Revamped the (Weed) Plant system
Music Audio Streaming
Inside Track buildings
ATMs revamped
Petrol Bottle -> Jerrycan
Relocated the Roca Escalante’s Bank
Updated arresting
Law Enforcement refill updated
New player cooldown system
Improved robbery cooldown system
Improved ban system
Improved robbery system
Improved taxi / driver system
Delay feature
Synced vehicle tyre popping
Smoother registration for new players
Added Jizzy’s pleasure domes and Hashbury Tattoo Parlour
New possibilities to evade arrests
Weather system updates
Fixed MANY game bugs and gramatical issues

Welcome TWO long awaited features to KCNR!

Hey everyone, how is summer going for you? Well, I do not know much about you and I hope you all are having a great summer here and outside of KCNR but I can tell you one thing. This summer is going to bring to you all your awaited features! This is just the beginning!

  1. Have you been hit by that nasty IRS or Bank Statement message while your deep down into some kind of menu? Maybe you we’re waiting some help messages or looking at a player’s information then BOOM, you are forced to read your tax information! Well say goodbye to this, because here comes the Delay feature. No longer will this menu be FORCED upon you, but now it will only be brought up if you aren’t doing anything! If you close your last menu then this menu will pop up. If you quit while on a menu, then when you get back in-game it will pop up.
  2. How’s that on for size? Oh now you’re gonna love this bad boy. Let me get started, not long ago did KCNR import vehicle paint from Liberty City’s Autosports. San Andreas is now going to get so colourful it’s not funny! You wanna try some colours? Welome all of SA-MP’s 256 vehicle colours to San Andreas customs!

Guess what? Since we are celebrating KCNR’s first name change birthday on August 1st 2014 (We changed our name on August 1st 2013). VEHICLE PAINT IS FREE (This offer will expire after a limited period of time).


Vehicle Color Selection