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New Server IP and Christmas Update.

Greetings! A Jolly Merry Christmas To All! Now lets get straight to the point. Recently as you’ve all seen the server has been down for almost two days, this is because of some uncontrollable host issues that were recently resolved but resulting in an IP Address change. The new server IP address is NEW ( It can be found at the right of this page. In other news, the 2012 Christmas update has been implemented and is awaiting further updates. Click on the link below to see more.

More Information Can Be Found By Clicking Here

Crashes fixed and anticheat updates

Hello There! It’s been a while since anything has been posted here. We’d just like to update everyone on the latest news. The server crashes have been fixed or reduced severely as I would say. The server has been updated to 0.3e R2 (server only, no client available) which allows for better stability and less connection attacks. The anti-cheat has also been updated to fight cleo modifications that have been annoying players. We here at LVCNR try to give you the best gaming out there. Enjoy playing on the server and don’t forget to Donate!