Quick Links

We have added a few quick links.

The following links have been added:

  • http://lvcnr.net/twitter – Redirects to KCNR’s Twitter
  • http://lvcnr.net/facebook – Redirects to KCNR’s Facebook Page
  • http://lvcnr.net/youtube – Redirects to KCNR’s YouTube channel
  • http://lvcnr.net/digitalocean – Redirects to DigitalOcean’s website, the host of KCNR
  • http://lvcnr.net/bbm – Redirects to BlackBerry messenger
  • http://lvcnr.net/samp – Lets you play KCNR instantly.
  • http://lvcnr.net/teamspeak – Lets you join TeamSpeak instantly
  • http://lvcnr.net/ts3 – Lets you join TeamSpeak instantly
  • http://lvcnr.net/radio – Lets you listen to the radio instantly
  • http://lvcnr.net/swat – Sends you to the SWAT forum board
  • http://lvcnr.net/complaints – Sends you to the Complaints forum boards
  • http://lvcnr.net/bugs – Sends you to the Bugs forum boards
  • http://lvcnr.net/suggestions – Sends you to the Suggestions forum boards
  • http://lvcnr.net/banned – Sends you to the Banned forum boards

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