Community Update #4

So, we have a lot to talk about. We haven’t had a community update for more than 2 years, damn!

Sup guys, so it’s Kar here.. obviously. So as you’ve all noticed we’ve been through a VERY rough couple of months and needless to say you all have noticed how inactive I and the admin team have been over the past couple of months and I now with great pleasure to say that no longer will you see such failure coming from me or KCNR. 2017 has probably been the worse year for us with all these attacks especially in February.. it all started going downhill from then. There wasn’t much we can do about it. Players from certain countries started causing constant rampage on the server, even players from my OWN country started and are still causing rampage on the server. We decided to temporarily ban these countries. It helped bring the server back to a calm state but losing a lot of players. It was worth it in my opinion. I don’t know what’s wrong with some of these players, some of them don’t even hate KCNR, they just want to cause rampage.

KCNR got it’s popularity because it was a server that people could come in and play without any disturbances, any cursing, any rdmers. It was once paradise. I don’t know where that paradise has gone.

From today, I stand to bring this paradise back. Bring KCNR back to quality. Bring back constant updates. Version 20 is ending early, it took too long to complete. Version 21 will begin shortly. As you’ve seen, the website’s theme has changed and little things have been smoothened out around the website and forums. I’m actively working to make everything seamless and bug-free.

In other news, SA-MP has received a very minor server update and a client update is upcoming, fixing issues with the launcher and hosted list from all these servers that are filled with bots. Also I’d like to say that SA-MP was also being attacked over the past couple of months and we got caught in that loop. A result of this is the hosted list has increased to $30 USD a month which is double what we used to pay which is now why we have a monthly donation goal (you can see it at the side ->). We really need this in order to keep the server running.

Tomorrow the server will be moved back to Europe (This is our first step in getting back in line with our players).

All countries are obviously now unbanned (Select IP ranges and players will stay banned).

I’d just like to thank Peter for even being so busy with work, is still supporting us in EVERY way that he can.

Thank you for your continual support for the server and let’s work together to rebuild what we have lost!