Donation Information

Donating to Kar’s Cops And Robbers is not about the benefits you recieve, it’s about keeping the server up!

Either way, by donating you receive the following gameplay features (10 bonds):

  • Donator status on forum and in-game
  • Donator chat in-game
  • Reduced property taxes
  • Higher house market sale price (meaning you can sell your house for more money)
  • Can create groups without being a regular player
  • Good interest rates (lower tax rates and 0.050% bank interest rate)
  • 50% armour on respawn
  • Purchase 4 personal vehicles
  • Reduced plate changing price at San Andreas Customs
  • /flipoff command to flipoff players
  • Neon Layout Expansions at San Andreas Customs

Premium donator’s gameplay features (20 bonds):

  • All regular donator benefits
  • Better interest rates (lower tax rates and 0.075% bank interest rate)
  • 75% armour on respawn
  • Purchase 5 personal vehicles
  • Reduced plate changing price at San Andreas Customs
  • Ability to spawn as a clucker (KCNR’s Mascot)
  • Houses & vehicles removed after 2 months instead of 1

Deluxe donator’s gameplay features (30 bonds):

  • All regular and premium donator benefits
  • Best interest rates (even lower tax rates and 0.1% bank interest rate)
  • 100% armour on respawn
  • Purchase 6 personal vehicles
  • /plate – Change any vehicle plate anywhere for FREE
  • Plates are FREE to change at San Andreas Customs
  • Houses & vehicles removed after 3 months instead of 1

 PayPal Donations are automated

When you donate with PayPal, you will receive an e-mail from KCNR that will include your transaction ID that will be used to redeem your bonds. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW BONDS WORK BEFORE YOU DONATE!

Donating for extra game entities (These do not count towards your donating status):

  • 10 Bonds – Name change
  • 3 Bonds – Extra personal vehicle slot (you can only own 12 vehicles at a time)

NB: In order to receive donating benefits you must have donated a total of atleast $10 USD, or atleast $20 for premium donator status and atleast $30 for deluxe donator status. Name changes and Peronsal Vehicle Slots do not go towards this amount.
NB: Donations are used to pay for the security features, server host, web host, domain renewals and hosted list.
NB: Donating players will not receive ANY special treatment as opposed to other players from staff.
NB: Donations are NOT refundable.
NB: Any chargebacks placed in attempt to scam or to be an asshole will result in a ban of your account.
NB: You must donate ATLEAST $2 to be eligible to redeem bonds. Please read above for the link to see how bonds work!



  1. donated 10usa dollars cna donate more 😀 but dont reply on that email 😀 cuz its myu mom creditcard and he didnt allowe me spent on games 😀

  2. Greetings my name is in the game and luisorrey banearon me unfairly and not because opdrian hehe help me with the problem?

    1. Greetings my name is in the game and luisorrey banearon me unjustly and because lol could not help me with the problem?

  3. sorry admins, is valid permanently ban a user for killing an admin?, best_warrior esque kill and ban me, this can be done?
    to by the way I can help you buy a VIP?
    I want to buy

  4. ok because they ban me because of idiots like conosco strike or just going to play it goes luisorrey been banned by strike porquee luisorrey I am certainly

  5. Hi,I want to donate $55-65 (Deluxe and Name Change) for myself and add maybe 10-20$ to donate for someone else (regular/premium donator or name change/car slot for someone) Could I pay this at once and then message Kar when someone paid me(in-game money) for something from above so he could give them that feature?

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