Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

The server now has the annual Easter update on-going for a week or two! Admins will do increased events with special prizes and more.

In other news the SA-MP’s security has recently been improved alot and we have upgraded the server to keep our security level up to date. We will also be improving KCNR’s security over the next few days or so. The website has also been improved with performance and functionality.

Recent script updates have improved the server’s functionality and everything is moving along smoothly. Thank you everyone for your continual support at KCNR. You motivate us to continue this server. KCNR will be here for a very long time, even if things go rough we will never give up.

Remember to Donate¬†to KCNR to help us support the server on it’s ongoing flowering¬†of success.

Also, before I end, don’t forget to create your KCNR promotional video and send it into us for review! Rewards are being given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd! See here to check it out!

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