Recent downtime – an update gone totally wrong.

Hello everyone, we are dearly sorry for the recent downtime lasting a day+. The reason behind this is a phpBB3 update gone wrong, messing up the entire server’s database. 3 Separate databases we’re corrupted. The forums, the WordPress and it even messed with the servers database. It corrupted every data we had. This was due to a forum update gone wrong.

But that’s not the bad news, the good news is that the forums and WordPress we’re successfully restored from daily backups with no data lost yet there was an issue with the KCNR server’s database. The corruption was so severe that we have to restore your data back to 13 AUGUST 2014

Your score will be refunded, the admin team will be helping everyone individually with this.

Everything exactly has not been lost!

Your vehicle, businesses and groups (people who have made groups after the restoration date might have those groups lost) haven’t been lost. Now see, the reason behind this is that the corrupt was so weird that not every part of the database was lost. This only damaged majority of the database.

Precautions we are making to prevent weird issues like this in the future:

  1. An improved KCNR database backup system.

What we are doing to fix this terribly mistake is:

  1. Restoring your data based on your recent pictures.
  2. Giving everyone a complementary 1m when you make your refund thread.

I take all blame for this, I was the one who insisted on forcing the update upon the server. Again, I am dearly sorry for this mistake gone bad.


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