It’s a good day to be an Easter Bunny! In with the new, out with the old!

KCNR wishes you a holiday celebration filled with family, friends, love, laughter and some good ole robbing!

In other news…

We are upgrading to SA-MP 0.3.DL (this is an alternate version to the current SA-MP 0.3.7). This version gives us a wide range of new features to work with. You will not be able to play KCNR without it!

Direct Download Link

LVCNR Download Mirror


Here’s a quick overview of the update!

If you had more than 10m in your hand +/or bank, it has been placed in your hand capped at 10m.

0.3.DL Update:

Some displays have been visually updated
Added KCNR logos (seasonal) to cinema mode
Added a bunch of new skins that can be either earned or purchased
Added various skins for purchase in the bonds store (Once purchased, it’s stored on your account forever)
Added various clothing items for purchase in the bonds store
Use /skins to access your skins (most skins are team restricted)
You can now choose what city where you want to spawn per team
For each team you must go to their respective HQ locations (pd desk, city hall, hospitals, fire refill)
Your wanted level reduces faster if you wear a Balaclava and their is no police in immediate sight
St Patrick’s day yearly event will be held on March 17th every year from now on
Added /selfie (puts you in a selfie mode to take cool pictures)
Added a church in Los Santos, Jefferson
Disabled default GTA SA bomb shops

Group HQs:

You can purchase HQ upgrades (such as more spawns, furniture, refills, etc)
You can purchase furniture items for your group HQ and decorate it as you please
Group Headquarters can be sold to the Government, if desperate for a smaller price based on it’s original price
Group Leaders can set Group Headquarters for sale which can be bought by other Group Leaders
Group Leaders can place a safe in which members with permission can access the group’s bank
Group Leaders can create a maximum of 7 spawns in which members can opt to spawn in
Group Leaders can purchase Headquarters which automatically gives all group members access to it
HQs are automatically removed after the leader quits (with a prompt) or after the group is inactive
Added Group Headquarters in various locations around San Andreas

Stickups 2.0:

“Stick-ups” -> “Stickups”
Stickups are now turn based. Each player has 5 seconds per turn to commit an action
Stickups now move the player’s camera to an overhead side view
When a stick up is initiated, any one of the players gets the first turn
During a stickup, if 4 consecutive turns are missed then the stickup automatically ends
Screams are now sent in a random range for other players to hear

Turf Wars 2.0:

Increased maximum turf money pick-up ($1000 -> $5000)
A maximum of 5 gangs can now attack a turf at a time (meaning 6 gangs in a war)
On group removed, owned turfs that are being provoked, the highest attacker now automatically wins the war
If you are attacking someone that’s in a turf war already, you’re gang will join the war
Increased the amount of damage your gang has to do to defend or take over a turf

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