2015 Halloween Update

The halloween update is now out.

Halloween Update 2015:

If you are holding a pumpkin head, you have a chance to be more successful at robberies.
Trick or treat at houses with special holiday rewards (including clothes).
All vehicles are now black and pumpkin orange.
New vehicles bought at the Autobahn will be black.
Halloween Pumpkins spread across San Andreas, more will be created. Pick these up for a treat.
Added alot more items to the holiday pickups.

I would just like to address that many recent issues have been resolved. All the irc outrages, Jessica leaving after an hour, login issues where the server took 5 minutes to identify itself and weapon and SAC bugs.

Also, the sa-mp masterlist is currently done, meaning the internet and hosted list is not being displayed correctly. sa-mp.com is also down.

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