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Full Force. April initiative completed.

Good Day Everyone. Today we’ve stop being cheap. I have bought a new server for KCNR. The April Initiative is now complete. We will be moving servers pretty soon. The lag has been dealt with. We should expect less issues. We’ve fixed massive bugs that have been affecting us for months (id 0 bugs). The server will be generally more stable and dependable now. I must say, that after 5 years you deserve this. I can’t say much about crashes.. but I know the lag will be gone. The powerful in ‘A powerful Cops And Robbers’ now has an up-scaled meaning.

With this new upgrade, the server cost has gone up by x16 (160% increase). We need your donations in order for this to work. Please remember to donate by clicking here.

This you for bearing with us all these years and we will continue to provide you with the best of our abilities for you to enjoy this powerful game.

Edit: The new server is up and ready to take players!

KCNR turns into a community… sold to the upcoming BΔΞ Interactive


Hello everyone.

As we approach our 6th birthday and me, Kar being constantly busy with university plus being in a sort of fraternity it’s really hard for me to constantly watch over this game everyday seeing that I trust nobody and will not develop my script with anyone else.

I’ve spoken to the guys over at BΔΞ Interactive and we’ve come to a conclusion that KCNR will be sold for $50000 USD. All the money will be used to buy Kar a new computer and refund every past donator of their donation to KCNR as a thank you for playing this server. All administrators will also receive a considerable donation for helping and maintaining all these rule breakers over the years.

BΔΞ Interactive is a trusted upcoming gaming studio that has serious and expert developers in C++, C# PAWN, JAVASCRIPT etc and the list goes on. They will be making games as indie developers using Unity 3D and Unreal Engine in the future and KCNR is just a start for them. I’m not sure whether they will rename the server (I HOPE NOT D:).

I want to thank you guys for playing with me for the past near 6 years and hope you continue to play until the end.  I will always love you, the players of  KCNR. This is not my final farewell from KCNR. but this is the beginning. The official handing over will be done in 3 days.

Season Greetings

Hey guys, season greetings to all! We hope you enjoyed your merry year here at KCNR and will enjoy many many more :). Thank you for playing Kar’s Cops And Robbers 2015. I am thanking all staff for their continual support.

Merry Christmas!

End of Year awards voting


The annual End of Year awards are coming up and as normal, we want you to decide who shall win a prestigious (or not so prestigious) award this year! More information can be read here: You can vote at

Happy voting!


Twisted Metal!

It’s finally there. We are working hard on the launch of Twisted Metal. Twisted Metal is based on the game Twisted Metal. It’s a vehicular DM server, built by Kar! We are working hard on fixing bugs. Will you help us identify bugs (and have a lot of fun while doing that)? Then pop up in Twisted Metal!

IRC Channel: #tm
Server IP:

Have fun on Twisted Metal!

Forums upgrade and security.

Well, by far this is the fastest time between a new post ever on KCNR.

Let’s get straight to the point here. The website has been moved from The Netherlands to London. Yay Brits.

We don’t play when it comes to our security. Today, we have added SSL security to our forums. Meaning http no longer works for, it is now Meaning, we send all your our data through a Secure Socket Layer. Many of you may not know what this means, so you may google it if you like. In simple terms, your data is way more secure.

The forums have been updated to the latest phpBB version. New language packs have been added and they are:

Finnish, German, Hebrew, Estonian, Mandarin Chinese (Traditional script)‎, Danish, Romanian, Polish, American English, Russian, Dutch (Casual Honorifics)‎, Italian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Turkish, Croatian, Serbian (Latin script), Mexican Spanish (Casual Honorifics), Norwegian (bokmål).

Two (2) new styles have been added, prosilver Special Edition and we_universal.

SSL security costs money though, so please don’t forget to donate to Kar’s Cops And Robbers. We thank you for your support, without it we couldn’t have reached where we’ve reached today!