The war is coming [Community Round Up #3]

Hi everyone, enjoy this new video to see how the new Cyanide Pill feature works. It gets rid of those sad /kill spammers!


1. This is pretty cool.

One amazing portait
One amazing portait


2. Edwardian VS Uncle Sam.

The war is coming soon.

3. Enmity’s Extremity has also declared war on KCNR. This is not good, not good at all.

4. I don’t know why chickens are trying to take over KCNR.. but this sound REALLY makes my ears hurt!

5. Corruption amongst cops is getting worse… will the entire Police Department get torn apart without a single bullet being fired!?

6. Thanks to Peter for updating the San Fierro Job and the Warehouse Robbery walkthroughs to a 2015 version.

7. Apparently, there’s aliens and space worlds in KCNR now. Be careful, the aliens might creep up on you.

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