Forum update

We are going to attempt to update the forums again. We expect downtime of the forum to be less than 1 hour. Please bear with us while we are performing the upgrade. We will update this post once the upgrade is done or if we run into any issues.

UPDATE 1 (01:39AM GMT+1): We think it will last at least 2 hours at this moment.

Update 2 (02:06AM GMT+1): We are currently starting the real upgrade part locally. This should take about 30 minutes. After this we will update it on the server. This will take another 30 minutes we think. Please be patient.

Update 3 (02:27AM GMT+1): First part will take about 90 minutes instead if 30.

Update 4 (02:55AM GMT+1): Update seems to have gone well, we are now uploading the data. This will take around 30 minutes.

Update 5 (03:09AM GMT+1): Forums are back!

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  1. idk what happened but after update I can’t see any topics, just board index, and when I choose example Bugs or Complaints it’s just white.

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