Halloween Update & New Achievements

Hello Everyone! We’re back again with some cool updates! The halloween update is live on the server with v15.3.

There are pumpkins scattered everywhere, don’t forget to purchase one at the 24/7! Trick or treating can earn you some awesome goodies! Keep trick or treating until you get the Skull Mask! It’s SUPER RARE.

Ontop of that there is a new achievement system, which has 150+ new achievements from the previous 30 .. (182 in total). Use /achievements (Finally completed) to view ALL of your achievements gained and what you have to gain. Gaining Every achievement may win you a prize! Everyone’s achievements are also reset! When you login you will receive them again, so please do not complain about that!

Please don’t forget to donate, we appreciate everything that has been done with the raising of server prices and all we’ve still managed to get by.

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