Kar’s Cops And Robbers. The 5th year. #KCNRDRAMA


Today marks the revolutionary 5th year that KCNR has been up. I wish Kar’s Cops And Robbers a happy merrily birthday and hopefully there’s no crash today!

I wrote this message almost a month ago, made it auto post (Thanks WordPress!). I don’t know what the staff has planned for this birthday but it has a lot of significance to me. As I told everyone awhile back, the 5th birthday will be a bit different. I am going to exploit a little bit of my personal information as I know it’s been 5 years for some of you and alot of you have been here for 2-3 years but you don’t know who is behind the name ‘Kar’ and I know you all really want to know who this masked person is.

Well today I reveal to you my truth identity.

I live in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, a small island in the Lesser Antilles (Caribbees) of Eastern Caribbean. Yes I live on a volcanic Island. I am not 13 (lol troll). I am currently 18. Now.. that’s ENOUGH OF ME.

I started KCNR sometime on May 13th at age 13. I had been playing sa-mp since 2008, but I quit for awhile (played other games and shit) until I got really bored again and came back in 2010 and registered on the Official SA-MP forums, then the KCNR journey began. I started instantly learning how to code. Attempting all kinds of shit, downloading and editing gamemodes, filterscripts and snippets. I created one small stunt server which was never deleted. I threw the server up for a week or so, then came wolfdude64 (Thank you for staying here so long despite your injuries man. Your the best person I ever met on this placed called the Internet). Back then I was using a little shitty zhone modem with 1.0 M/bs download and 64 M/bs upload (Shitty, right eh?). Anyway when he came in I had already started converting the server to a LSCNR sort of mode because I loved cops and robbers and I love anything related to GTA. Since cops and robbers was the closest genre I liked, I began with it because I always liked fast paced action. Back then I would home host my server, use a MySQL database off of WAMP. I hardly knew anything but as time went by, I began loving scripting more and more as I could not stop and got addicted. Currently even more addicted.

Believe it or not, I had a simple goal here at SAMP. Create a server that would get a small player-base.. well or hit 50 players then my goal would be complete, I would move on. Time went by, I advertised my server. Got some donations. Didn’t have a debit card then, I had to find a way around PayPal. Got an unverified account but it could receive money but there we’re issues then. As I advertised my server, a guy called donB (db) saw interest in me and joined me as the ‘owner’ of the server and I held scripting position. We went along fine. I didn’t know these people but I wasn’t sceptical (I was 13? I trusted the internet!). Then came along a few players such as Peter and M4rk (brothers). They weren’t admin at the time, they just enjoyed playing the server. The server was going great, we we’re hitting milestones frequently. As we gained more players we increased our slots, we hit 30+ players in no time! Got up to 40 then it kept a bit stable for awhile. I don’t think we hit the 50 while donB was here but either way, I remember hitting it, hell KCNR hit double that! Either way skip skip skip… me and donB fell out and he threatened me via e-mail and shit because I blocked him on MSN etc. I mean, LVCNR was mine, I never gave anyone access to the source code. He couldn’t damage me because my only love was my game. Our.. well HIS domain name was lasventuras.net (dead link now). KCNR went through many name changes as we couldn’t find a perfect fit.

I don’t even remember what this was http://projectcrakecnr.proboards.com/thread/37/kar-new-forum-mod but apparently it was some popular server before and donB and crake tried to kick it off back but that didn’t work out. http://projectcrakecnr.proboards.com/thread/34/new-staff-member-permanent Even Peter and M4rk joined in. http://projectcrakecnr.proboards.com/thread/29/pjccnr-staff-team

http://projectcrakecnr.proboards.com/thread/36/update rude eh.. telling me to fuck off. Who told him to tell me that? I just continued to work on my script while they went nowhere.

Back in the day when people we’re younger and had rivals, well KCNR had a rival or 2 too! Team DRD! They we’re older, they we’re bigger but I wasn’t afraid. Time to time there would be ranting with admins from LVCNR and Team DRD. I do not remember half of it.

Yea.. reason why me and db broke is because he was really annoying, he wanted too much shit from me. He flamed me constantly because other cnr servers would release some great new features and I would be behind on the coding. Like if I wasn’t fucking 13 and just started coding right? Fucking retard. Yeah I got sick of the cunt, dropped him. Continued making my server, constant testing, fixing things. During that time.. I met a great friend, Dustin Parker. I noticed his server was dying slowly and he was using a bmuk edit so I offered him an invitation to treat. As he was a bit busy with life too he couldn’t keep up on the coding and I was full into it.. despite school. Lol school didn’t bother me and still doesn’t (still passed all my subjects and got all A’s for information technology!) Either way Dustin accepted my offer for him to stay owner and use my scr ipt and I continue to code it. Dustin supported the new LVCNR and helped me lift off the ground. Got me a fake address to verify my PayPal. I could finally accept donations and pay server hosts. After awhile Dustin’s inactivity grew and I began taking over. We kept a few admins from his server, which most of them eventually quit now I guess, except Clucky (Edward). He is still here and living. Thank you Edward.

Peter and M4rk joined the team when we switched over also. I trusted them and still continue to trust them, despite M4rk’s departure, Peter is still here and supporting KCNR 100% in every possible way. Thank you Peter and M4rk. If I we’re to make someone today the co-owner of KCNR I wouldn’t. I would make Peter my Partner. He deserves nothing less.

Not too long after we started with Dustin, the player count rised very rapidly… we hit my 50 player milestone in no time.. I wondered… thats it.. I felt revealed and happy as hell but I said I couldn’t stop there. I had to continue. I had to continue learning programming. PAWN scripting is barely anything in this world, but it thought me everything to pass my I.T and computer science class! It made C feel like home! We continued, the search for new admins has never stopped and it has always been continous. People like Secarfe and Crazydriver etc became admin. As you can see, they didn’t last very long but I am still thank full for the time they spent here both administrating and playing. Every person is worthy! They don’t have to be a worthy of something but every life is precious.

This post is actually kinda making me sad. Lol err. Anyway there’s not much more to say about the server’s lifeline.. most people know the rest. After that, people like Gage_Miller became admin (R.I.P) Police_force, SkL (Torque). Fuet, Yezpahr, Threshold, Ryanlml, Bruce_Bond (DARKNIGHT007), Ashfordly, Scottish_Monkey, Finduslax, aimandkill, Roxanne (Cigany), Nickel (Best_Warriors) .. HELL almost all of the admin team! All were players at those times but we weren’t sure of them yet. I’ve been watching Ryanlml the longest, lol. IDK why he took so long to become admin, it was probably because he disappeared for a short time. Edward etc we’re already admin then because they came over from Dustin’s server.

And we are still considering admins. We have our eyes on you guys constantly.

Thank you for playing here (The entire and previous Admin Team):

  • wolfdude64
  • Dustin
  • Edward
  • Peter
  • M4rk
  • Fuet (Second best cop I know!)
  • Police_force (Best cop I know!)
  • Threshold (Really enthusiastic guy, fights for his rights)
  • Torque (SkL) (Best criminal I know)
  • Scottish_Monkey
  • Ryanlml
  • Ashfordly
  • Finduslax
  • Bruce_Bond (DARKNIGHT007)
  • aimandkill
  • Yezpahr (Your dedication is unbelievable)
  • Nickel (Best_Warriors)
  • Roxanne (Cigany)
  • vitaliy

  • Gage_Miller (AwesomeRandomRedneck) (LurkingSpirit) (R.I.P)
  • Mathew_George
  • Spoon
  • Anthony (Anthony_Vernon)
  • Camacorn
  • Forcezx
  • duten
  • BurtonBeast6
  • jjburton5
  • sKypRiNcE
  • Sterk
  • Secarfe
  • Bob_Jones (Gold_Fish)
  • BannanaVodka
  • And all the others that I haven’t listed.. all the administrators from Dustin’s server! I love you all and I thank you all for being and staying here and contributing to making KCNR what it is today!


  1. Nice Story KAR, i thought you old 23 – 27 LOL

    You tell to us you really love CNR Mode

    But I saw you rarely online on this server, you just checking bug, fix it, and PAWN scripting to make new feature or something.

    But This is still Good Story

    #my_first_CNR_Server XD

  2. Awesome story m8.
    I never knew that u are 18 o.0 I always thought that u was like between 22-26 or something like that ;x
    Anyway, Let’s hope that you ( we ) will make more years together 😛

  3. I think we’re missing all the appropriate ‘thanks’, we all have you to thank for what we have so far. Give yourself some credit, I think you’ve earned it so far.

  4. Cool story man.. If you ever think of writing a Novel or something, think about KCNR. Write it all down and yes, it will become a great novel. This story you wrote made me very very happy because you only know something’s important when you spend a lot of time in it.

    And you forgot this one as mentioned by Threshold

  5. LOL, 18 years old ?! I thought that you were older.
    I like the story, It’s good to let the people enjoy playing your server, keep doing good job bro.

  6. Happy Birthday KCNR :D…

    I guess im the only one who knew Kar was like 18-19 dont know how but I always kept saying to people that he is.

    Anyway by reading the story I just realised what a hard-working guy you are and keeping the server for 5 years
    and more daaamn thats alot.

    All my thanks go to you,since the first moment I started playing SAMP,the first server I choosed to play was KCNR,you’r amazing job took the server here (including the board of Administrators).

    Once again HBD kcnr and thank you Kar for making our free time better 😀

  7. I appologize kar, i didn’t know this.
    Thank you for this message for making this understandable.

    Kar he told me other version.

    Anyways. 5 years old? You deserve to be given 100$ as a birthday present for kcnr.

  8. Kar, I want to thank you for being a great friend, owner and person throughout these years, no matter what issues me and you had in the last few weeks before I left just know that I appologize bro. We have been great friends for years and I hope to continue this. 5 years dude… 5 years.. of you making this community from the core. You def earned cookies. Hopefully mine and yours relationship as friends can be fixed. I miss my lil kar D:. Anyways man, congrats if you ever need anything, just know i’m here (somewhere)

  9. I never knew that u are 18 (o.0) I always thought that u was like between 22-26 or something like that really so nice

  10. lol I think you missed Bob_Jones/Gold_Fish as an admin.

    But anyways, I’m glad that the server is still up and pretty successful (I barely play GTA SA now and when I do, I go to RP servers not on SAMP but do miss the fun I had here back in the LVCNR days [blame my PC for not fully cooperating]).

    I might be returning, even though there are lots of changes and my account might have been reset (bye bye pumpkin head xD) but idc, it’s always nice to return to this amazing community.

    For those of you who don’t know, I played here in 2010-2012 (I believe) but never joined SWAT (was high enough rank to) and assisted in the rule enforcement (but wasn’t admin). Here I am known as Anthony (my name irl) or anthonywastrinh and if you see me on other communities, it should be the same username (although i played in other places little to no times, sometimes just have accounts, LVCNR/KCNR FTW) or as William Tran. I remember fun times with AV, CD, CA, Gage_Miller (ARR), even Kar, vitaliy, Matthew_George, ONX, Yez, Bob_Jones/Gold_FIsh (A person I know irl) and many more!!!

  11. Happy Birthday KcNr 😀
    Kar i didn’t know you are 18 LoL and thats very good to be 18 and have the best KcNr server :D, But i think that you really work hard to make the server better and make players on it happy etc. scripting hard and joining to see if its working or got fixed (hard work) but i really like this server alot and its awesome and admins are making very good job. i have a been a bad guy on TheCopDude account but i made $$TheCopDude$$ account so that my friends may know me and i may be good guy :). i think that Kar and the admins with him even non popular ones are making good job, KcNr is the best. Thank You

    #Kar’s cops and robbers

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