LVCNR to KCNR transition

For those who don’t know but Kar’s Cops And Robbers is the Original Las Venturas Cops And Robbers server started by Kar in 2010. Our server has a great deal of history and we would like to show it to you with pictures from the past to present day! KCNR2011Camacorn1x nmnn7a 4l2e14 vglg2a s2fuds xc42fn Edward's dickometer 21ooqbl 9iaaac mbrds9 1198bj8 14dom6h 5bcojm 50milestone achievement 65 players 2012 DangerousPlayersGang znwEy sbxEQ UZhs6 ZHtKM PCj6L UJjY1 PK1it E9Y3E 1058ide v42br5 v2znmc 11jb20y 1zmj80z 557256788 683025109 27ymovd 14w3g9c 1pgg7l ckr2a vywcqb 2cmm4wg 2qjb09y msyeqq 2uij6s4 okwl1i 2uo2a ve8aw4 33as31s 2q8rhw4 0iVWCAl eYlb3rN 34t3m6h 142hq3p 2qcl8cn 2ykcfn9 mjseip 9stiu0 2yug8z7 flh7rd axZ2NAj u6fQLhY vid0ys 11jb5uv oIiXl9F soskqt 2e68zu8 sIcBpAq

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