Partial Name Change

So as you all noticed that the server’s name has been changed, also tweeted about. We will will now go by as Kar’s Cops And Robbers. Some reasons behind it being that the server is drifting away from the name, “Las Venturas” Cops And Robbers. The server was never fully about Las Venturas, it’s only based there. With-in upcoming versions I’ve seen that the ‘Las Venturas’ is going to fade away slower and slower as the days go by. This is the main reason why the server’s name was changed, for all of the curious people. The banners may or may not be updated. We will still go by Las Venturas Cops And Robbers.

In Other Names regarding to the server:

Version 15 is in full force development.
Server crashes we’re reduced, and we’re still working on them.

I’m happy to see the player count raising again, as this moment it is 71/75. Great job guys.

Let’s keep the server going, if we continue to hit 75 alot, the maximum player count will be increased.


  1. That’s nice.. Looking forward seeing you like San Andreas Cops And Robbers and Crazybob’s Cops And Robbers. So it is KCNR now?

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