Statistics Counters

What is a statistics counter?
A statistics counter is an automated script that will get ingame information from you as a player and it will save that somewhere. This information is retrieved and made into a counter with bars. You can decide yourself what stats YOU want other people to see! You can add these pictures to your signature. They were created in such a way that they fit as a signature.

How do these stats get tracked?
Anonymous saves them for you, you have to do nothing to get them!

How can I get one?
You go ingame, you spawn and then you type the following (make sure you have your PM on!): /ircpm Anonymous register [Password Here]
Use your ingame password at your own risk!

For a more detailed guide on how to do this, click this link to go to the topic created by Krypton on how to work with the counter and the control panel.

How do I control the stats being reported?
Well, you just go to or and you can log in there and change the settings! You can change to a lot of different stats. More will be added soon!

My counter:

Yezpahr’s counter:

aimandkill’s counter:

GIF of all counters:

[NAS]peter – the complete counter & Anonymous
Kar – Server and some information
[NAS]mark – Anonymous
The complete admin team – Helping with messages, suggesting things, finding bugs, testing the counter
Fuet – Counter Design.

What is still to come?

  • More stats
  • Only the amount of ‘counter bars’ as the amount of stats you select.
  • Changing the size of the counter, percentages or pixels…


  • For suggestions, please reply here!

Added Suggestions

Control panel

  • Changing all the colors of the text to colors you can decide on (RGB color format will be used, thus mixing primary colors). This will probably happen with 3 sliders if possible.
  • Changing all the colors of the bars to colors you can decide on (RGB color format will be used, thus mixing primary colors). This will probably happen with 3 slider if possible.
  • Remember me button on the control panel – This will come with a cookie notice to everybody. If you want a remember me button, you must accept cookies. This is european law!
  • Modifying most general settings at once (except changing your password).


  • There have been no additions so far.

For bugs that may break something, please contact me via forum PM, if they aren’t critical, please reply to this post.

Known bugs:


  • Some stats are not being recorded, will be fixed soon.

Fixed bugs:

Control panel:

  • ‘Access denied for www-data@localhost using password (NO)’ bug is fixed.
  • “You can use {%amount%}, {%totalamount%} and {%amounttogo%} in this. These will be replaced with the current amount and the total amount that is to be counted.” is now available.


  • The main title doesn’t go perfectly in the center as it should.

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