Version 18 – The cleanup

Version 18 is now complete. In version 18 we aimed to cleanup the entire server and make it as stable as can be. Minimised bugs and increased server stability. I must say that we MET this goal and the server is now way better than ever! Thank you all for your continual support at KCNR.

Major changelog:

1st Person (Onfoot) gameplay (Optional)
San Andreas Customs Armour upgrades
San Andreas Customs Spoiler Colour upgrades
Added the Edwardian Court (future possibilities awaits)
Added an FPS counter
Added more quick strings ($fps, $plate)
Added Dillimore Gas Station and Caligulas Roof
Added clickable menus
Added more skins
Added house item storage (removed weed and seed storage)
Added /ignore and /unignore
Added the Cyanide Pill (removed /kill)
Added password recovery using e-mails (attach e-mails to your account)
Jail System Improvements
Visual Contacting Improvements
LEO System rank rework
Added All Points Bulletin
Added Dirty Cops
Added FBI Skin
Army is now accessed at cop rank 5
Major Crime System revamp
Cop and Criminal Balance improved
Removed Law Enforcement vehicle arrest
Special LEO vehicles now have armour
CIA visibility feature
DM Arena improved
Passenger weapon switching feature improved
Groups improved (added group permissions and more)
Diseases now save
Refactored and improved stickups
/inventory command changes (added /assets)
Achievement queueing system and more achievements
Revamped house robberies
Overhauled the weather system
Decreased weapon prices
Improved the robbery success system
Improved renting
Improved game ranks
Improved trailer attaching across various vehicles
Improved the GPS (Extended GPS)
Improved response tracking (realtime GPS tracking)
Improved refueling
Improved clothes system
Improved taser
Improved the overall menu page experience
Implemented more game elements (ATMs, Garbage Dumpsters, etc)
Improved MANY other gameplay elements
Fixed alot of gameplay bugs

And MANY MANY MORE changes! Click here to see the entire servers’ changelog!

As verison 18 comes to an end, we aim to begin version 19. As SA-MP 0.3.7 is on it’s way, we are basically beginning version 19 with that. SA-MP 0.3.7 updates have already been started for KCNR. We look forward to bring you the enhanced experience of 0.3.7 on release.

Please remember to continue supporting the server through donations as we wouldn’t be here without you donators! Click here to view the donation page.


  1. i was play inthe server and evrything stop can you see if ts wrong bann or another thing just pls fixed

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