Is that a new website I see?

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of website updates. We just want to update you on the new template we’ve added. It’s so much easier to make posts and edit the website now! Please enjoy and report any bugs on the forums! Alot has happened over the past few months! We’ve lost 3 administrators (Anthony, Forcezx and ONX) but that isn’t going to hold us back, right? Updates are coming soon, we don’t like to wait an entire year to give you a major update! Please don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and check out the Twitter on the side bar to the right (->) to see all of our latest tweets!

New website features:

Post comments
Post categories (version related update posts will be in that category)
Find the other stuff by yourself! 🙂 
Is that a emoticon? ^ 

In other News related to donations:

ALL donations are now done through Paypal. We’ve been trying to find a way for mobile donations, if we’ve found any we’ll surely notify you guys about it.
A new donation page with all the information you need. (Click Here)

In other News related to the server:

We’ve been working hard on updating the server and fixing all possible known bugs. Version 14.5 has been a whooper at things!

Here’s a little sneak peek on what we’ve been working on in version 15!

I shouldn’t be showing you this!

Now I bet your all jumping up and down when you saw that, but don’t get any wrong ideas there! It’s not what you think!
Test out the new features by posting some comments below!


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