Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

The server now has the annual Easter update on-going for a week or two! Admins will do increased events with special prizes and more.

In other news the SA-MP’s security has recently been improved alot and we have upgraded the server to keep our security level up to date. We will also be improving KCNR’s security over the next few days or so. The website has also been improved with performance and functionality.

Recent script updates have improved the server’s functionality and everything is moving along smoothly. Thank you everyone for your continual support at KCNR. You motivate us to continue this server. KCNR will be here for a very long time, even if things go rough we will never give up.

Remember to Donate to KCNR to help us support the server on it’s ongoing flowering of success.

Also, before I end, don’t forget to create your KCNR promotional video and send it into us for review! Rewards are being given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd! See here to check it out!

Version 16 – The tender touch has been smoothened.

Now.. before you guys wonder what is this and start asking how can there be a new version,  there isn’t. The updates are already on the server. I just thought it would be nice to put an overview of what the update would have been here.

Feature List:

– 1st Person Driving (optional)


– New illicit drugs and drug production (clandestine chemistry)
– ATMs connected to banks
– New skins in class selection
– Police refill loadout change
– San Andreas Customs
– Dance clubs and Strip clubs and general store updates
– New calton heights church
– Shooting range in bone county
– Army earns a bigger takedown bonus while SWAT earns a bigger arrest bonus
– Increased pilot mission payouts
– Added all police departments
– Updated and fixed all missions
– /rp now requires coprank 3
– Any civilian can now do trashmaster missions
– You can now leave certain mission vehicles for 15 seconds and reenter a different vehicle of the same model to continue it
– More map icons in-game
– Added 2 new gas stations
– Rapist skill removed
– The government of KCNR now shares 25% of its earnings with the KCNR lottery
– Updated /pt
– Your vehicle doors are now automatically  unlocked if you pause for too long
– Updated the GPS
– Bribes are now cancelled if you place one then get arrested
– Added quantity purchasing for dealers
– Reenabled weapon switching as passenger
– Moved LV drug point location
– Added new statistics
– Updated the fire system, it is now super accurate
– Businesses now come with no stock
– Medics are now immune to the virus
– Updated registration tutorial
– Added the redsands west and pink swan casino
– Password masking on login feature
– Skin saving is now enabled by default
– Hitman skill removed
– Updated server garbage
– Unoccupied vehicles now take damage
– Petrol tank explosions
– and more more and more!

We thank you all for standbying with us here at KCNR even with the recently downtimes but the crashes have been improved and the server now takes alot longer to crash than usual.

We also urge you to continue to enjoy your stay here at KCNR 🙂 and please remember to donate!

Clandestine Chemistry (Drug Production)

Hey everyone, today marks an important update that will change the server drastically. A lot of bugs have been fixed recently but we’re happy to announce Clandestine Chemistry! The location of these drug labs are located at Clandestine Chemistry.

This means that there are FIVE new illicit drugs in KCNR which are:

  1. Ecstasy
  2. Cocaine
  3. LSD
  4. Methamphetamine
  5. Heroin
Clandestine Chemistry
Clandestine Chemistry


In other news:

  • SA-MP 0.3z is in RC Development Stage! Post your suggestions for KCNR in this thread!
  • The server rules have been cleared up.
  • San Andreas Customs has imported a massive wheels inventory.
  • Roof Scoops cannot be added at this time due to SA-MP client limitations (crashes)
  • All new drugs have been updated all around the server except for house storage at the moment, drug points, /givedrugs, /takedrugs, /search etc are updated to fit the update.
San Andreas Customs Update #x


Season Greetings!

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone, we wish you season greetings this time of the year again from everyone within Kar’s Cops And Robbers. Well, this Christmas there is a new feature which is reindeers. Every few in-game hours or so, a reindeer will fly over any city and you will have to jump unto this reindeer (however you want), if you manage this you will receive a nice cash gift. In other news, we now allow mobile donations. The donation is a bit pricey because we only receive around %40 or less of the actual donation!

The tune shop has extended into San Andreas Customs! At this location you can purchase spoilers and neons for your vehicles, roof scoops are coming soon! These save on your personal vehicles and work similar to how neon currently works!

Donation Page
Christmas Update 2013

Halloween Update & New Achievements

Hello Everyone! We’re back again with some cool updates! The halloween update is live on the server with v15.3.

There are pumpkins scattered everywhere, don’t forget to purchase one at the 24/7! Trick or treating can earn you some awesome goodies! Keep trick or treating until you get the Skull Mask! It’s SUPER RARE.

Ontop of that there is a new achievement system, which has 150+ new achievements from the previous 30 .. (182 in total). Use /achievements (Finally completed) to view ALL of your achievements gained and what you have to gain. Gaining Every achievement may win you a prize! Everyone’s achievements are also reset! When you login you will receive them again, so please do not complain about that!

Please don’t forget to donate, we appreciate everything that has been done with the raising of server prices and all we’ve still managed to get by.

Donation Page
Server Changelog

Update on late host issues

Hello everyone! Happy Autumn (if you experience it in your country). Anyway.. I’d just like to tell you guys to keep playing and enjoy while ignoring the random downtime issues caused by the host. We’re still trying to resolve the issues as they have a lot of issues to resolve on their side. Version 15.2 should be up soon with a few fixes and gameplay updates.

Version 15 – Raising The Bar

Hello everyone, I’m sure you’re all really excited just to see this post. Well it’s really happening, the next major version. It came very quick (too quick), but nevertheless it’s an awesome update and I hope you all enjoy it and please report any bugs found on the forums! Also please remember to donate to help us keep the server and website up! Thank you very much for playing KCNR and enjoy

Please click here for Version 15’s updates.